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"There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing".
Ranulph Fiennes

Specialist swim, bike, run and triathlon equipment. Competitive prices with specialist support and advice. The kit we offer is all tried, tested and recommended by the Total Endurance team and our athletes




Using Oxygen and CO2 monitoring equipment we can determine your V02 max (Maximum Oxygen uptake) as well as determining your Anaerobic and Aerobic thresholds. We can then very accurately establish your current level of fitness and determine training zones and intensities. These tests can either be performed on either a Wattbike, your own bike or treadmill (or both) If you’ve ever wondered why you are good at shorter events ( less than 1-hour duration) compared to longer events (over 1-hour duration) or vice versa we can show you where your strengths and weaknesses are and how to improve them.


Every training plan is tailored to your individual requirements taking into account your training history and current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, goals and time availability so that we can maximise your training time to help you Reach Your Potential. The coaching process starts with a consultation meeting and an overview to periodise your training to ensure that you reach peak fitness for your key events. We then plan and review your training and progress on a weekly or monthly basis and our coaches are always available if you have any questions or problems.



26 April 2017


Do you want to run faster? Our gait analysis uses our high speed (100 frames per second) low distortion camera to video your running from the side, front and back and sensors to measure some key elements of your running.

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26 April 2017


If you ride long distance sportives or compete in Ironman Triathon then comfort and sustainability become much more important. The final, optimal position also depends on a whole bunch of personal factors.

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Saturday 28th October 2017 @ 1 pm

Swim Workshop

Half day workshop to improve your understanding of good freestyle swim technique and identify key areas for you to improve on


Wednesday 01st November 2017 @ 6 pm

Tacx Turbo Trainer Demo Evening

Come along and see for yourself the fantastic range of Tacx classic, interactive and direct drive turbo trainer. You can also see Zwift training software in action and maybe have a shot yourself.


Wednesday 01st November 2017 @ 7 pm

Endurance Nutrition Talk

Rubbish in, rubbish out! Learn about what you should be eating and when to maximise your training, racing and recovery.


Saturday 11th November 2017 @ 1 pm

Run Workshop

There are some key underlying principles which we should work on to help us to improve our running form, speed and economy