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Swim Video Analysis - Dynamic Bikefit - Run Gait Analysis - VO2Max Testing

Total Endurance is a specialist Swim, Bike, Run and Multisport centre based in Aberdeen. We provide specialist coaching, technique analysis and fitness testing for all 3 disciplines using a range of facilities including an elite endless pool and VO2Max testing equipment. Our retail area has specialist swim, bike, run and triathlon equipment and apparel, including wetsuit hire. The centre staff are qualified coaches with a passion for helping you Reach your Potential.


Total Endurance Store

Pool & Open-Water Swimming 

We stock a full range of wetsuits from both Huub and Orca and also open water and pool swimming accessories and training aids. For 2019 we will have a range of Orca demo wetsuits which you can try in or elite endless pool before you buy.  If you are an open water newbie of an occasional open water swimmer yuo can hire a wetsuit from our hire pool for a day, a week, a month or even a season. 

Road and TT Bikes

Our range of TT and road bikes from Argon 18 and Look along with Zipp wheels provide the latest technologies to get the most out of your time on the road.  If you are looking for something a bit speciial thn visit our Custom Build page or contact us to discuss your dream bike build. We also offer a full bike maintenance service for road TT and MTB, including suspension servicing.


On Running have reinvented the traditional running shoe. We were Scotlands first On Running retailer in 2016 and we remain the only Premium Retailer with a wide range of shoes and apparel. We also stock running apparel from Huub and 2XU

Bike and tri shoes, helmets, trisuits, bike clothing, sports nutrition. We have too much stuff to list it all here, vist the online store to check out the full range or even better, come in and see us!


Every training plan is tailored to your individual requirements taking into account your training history and current fitness level, strengths and weaknesses, goals and time availability so that we can maximise your training time to help you Reach Your Potential. The coaching process starts with a consultation meeting and an overview to periodise your training to ensure that you reach peak fitness for your key events. We then plan and review your training and progress on a weekly or monthly basis and our coaches are always available if you have any questions or problems.


Technique Analysis

Swim Technique

Our endless pool allows us to explore your current swim technique in detail, using underwater video cameras, and to make adjustments to your stroke to improve efficiency and speed in the water and offer advice on sessions and drills tailored to meet your individual needs.

Bike Fit

"The fit has made a significant difference. Did 42k the following weekend...smashed my PB pace and had no knee pain! Feet felt in a much better position too!" Julie

Our dynamic bikefit will put you into the most comfortable and efficient position on your bike (road or triathlon) taking into account your unique physiology, flexibility and cycling goals. 

Run Gait

Do you want to run faster? Our gait analysis uses our high speed (100 frames per second) low distortion camera to video your running from the side, front and back and sensors to measure some key elements of your running.

Fitness Testing

VO2 Max Testing

Using Oxygen and CO2 monitoring equipment we can determine your V02 max (Maximum Oxygen uptake) as well as determining your Anaerobic & Aerobic thresholds.

Resting Metabolic Rates

A Resting Metabolic Rate test  determines the amount of energy  your body uses when resting. This measurement is made by analyzing the amount of oxygen your body uses on a day to day basis and the amount of carbon dioxide your body produces



26 April 2017


If you ride long distance sportives or compete in Ironman Triathon then comfort and sustainability become much more important. The final, optimal position also depends on a whole bunch of personal factors.

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26 April 2017


Do you want to run faster? Our gait analysis uses our high speed (100 frames per second) low distortion camera to video your running from the side, front and back and sensors to measure some key elements of your running.

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